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Supporting Grief with the Bach Flowers

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

God created the Star of Bethlehem to guide the wise men to Baby Jesus, however he thought it too beautiful to destroy once it’s job was done, and instead burst it into thousands of pieces which fell to earth. These pieces became beautiful white flowers that covered the hillside, known as Star of Bethlehem flowers.

A group of Star of Bethlehem flowers
Star of Bethlehem

It is a great reminder of the comforting qualities that this Bach Remedy can bring. Special events can be a time of excitement, but for some it is a time of reflection, remembrance and reminiscence, when we notice the absence of loved ones or the less than perfect circumstances that we may find ourselves in.

Star of Bethlehem is a beautiful plant which offers a soothing emotional blanket of warmth, supporting feelings of loss, sadness and grief. This flower essence is helpful when there has been bad news, shock or grief. Use it for sadness and for anything that makes you cry. It is one of the key ingredients in Bach’s Rescue Remedy.

A useful acronym is SOB (Star of Bethlehem) or SOS (Soother of Sorrows). This remedy can reach right back to your childhood and even birth. It is soothing and can help us have a good cry when we feel numb. It is the remedy you take when feeling a sense of loss or emptiness, when someone we love has moved away or died.

The remedy can be used on its own, or blended with others, even if the situation happened years earlier. It helps a person get back to a happier state, full of comfort, forgiveness and hope.

To chat more about the positive potential of these remedies, get in touch.

[This article appeared in Root and Branch Magazine, Jan/Feb 2023 issue - subscribe free here:]

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